XKKF received a grant for $6,400 from the POW Health Consortium to have Gyasi Ross work with our students and Klawock (and Eva Rowan) to create a message of HOPE
for our Native Students.  Gyasi will visit twice, once in April 2016 and again at Culture Camp July 2016.

XKKF is proud to announce that a grant from Anthony Mallott director of the Rasmuson Foundation was received to support the Haida Artist Co-op.
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The XKKF is proud to announce that a Tier 1 grant from the Rasmuson Foundation was received to purchase a MizerWood mill and equipment for the Haida Carving Shed in Hydaburg, Alaska. The XKKF is the local 501 (C)3 public charity located in Hydaburg, Alaska. The project is a collaborative effort between the XKKF, the Tribe (Hydaburg Cooperative Association), the City of Hydaburg, a volunteer church group from Kansas, a youth group, and local volunteers.

The XKKF would like to thank the Rasmuson Board of Directors, their Chairman, Edward Rasmuson, and their President, Diane Kaplan. Lisa Lang, the XKKF Executive Director stated, "Receiving this grant from such a well-respected entity as the Rasmuson Foundation strengthens the collaborative efforts of our non-profit with the Tribe, the City and our volunteers. XKKF President, Sid Edenshaw said, "Our Directors would like to publicly thank everyone involved in supporting this worthy project, especially the Rasmusons.

Xaadas Kil Kuyaas Foundation
xaadas kil kuyaas
"Precious Haida Words"

P.O. Box 349/One Miijuu Way
Hydaburg, Alaska  99922
Phone (907) 285-3666  
FAX (907) 285-3541 
Mobile (907) 229-1540

Board of Directors
Sidney Edenshaw, President

Jean Bland, Vice-President

Doreen Witwer, Secretary/Treasurer

Anthony Christianson, Director

Dr. Wendy F. Smythe, Director
K'ah Skaahluwaa

Marita Young, Director

Lisa Lang, Executive Director

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