Our Story

Xaadas Kil Kuyaas Foundation


The XKKF is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization located in Southeast Alaska, in the City of Hydaburg, Our mission is to promote, preserve, and perpetuate our rapidly fading dialect of Haida. 
XKKF is seeks to form a centralized collection of Haida language materials (recorded language, stories, and historical accounts) allowing us to become leaders in the revitalization of our language by demonstrating support for those interested in teaching and learning the Alaska Haida dialect.
We do this through building bridges between Alaska Native Haida communities collaborating with elders, community members, and other regional stake holders (i.e. University of Alaska) in an effort to ensure the preservation of our language for our future generations.  XKKF has the full support of Hydaburg Cooperative Association (Tribal Organization) which further strengthens our resolve to reclaim our Xaad Kil.

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